UM Courses

BIOO335 - Rocky Mountain Flora (Spring, odd years)

BIOB484 - Plant Evolution (Fall, even years)

BIOB395 - Ecological Genetics Practicum (Fall 2013)

Monkeyflowers for the Masses Project -- Funded by an NSF-CAREER grant, we are working with other members of the Mimulus community to develop monkeyflower-focused laboratory modules for use in high-school and early undergraduate biology labs. Monkeyflowers are tremendously diverse and experimentally tractable, making them ideal classroom models for hands-on investigation of basic concepts in genetics, evolution and physiology. Currently, I am testing two modules designed to complement our 200-level Genetics & Evolution class. After refining these and several other modules at a Mimulus workshop coincident the 2014 SSE meeting in Raleigh, we will disseminate both protocols and materials (seeds) for broader use.

One module uses yellow monkeyflowers (Mimulus guttatus) from across a soil temperature gradient in Yellowstone National Park to explore quantitative genetic concepts including heritability, genetic correlation, plasticity and local adaptation. 

A second module uses experimental hybrids between Mimulus cardinalis (large, red, hummingbird-pollinated, flowers) and M. parishii (small, pink, selfing flowers) to explore concepts including Mendelian segregation, linkage, and genotype-phenotype mapping (thanks to P. Beardsley for image of natural hybrids grown from wild-collected seeds!).