Leah Joyce

MS Student

I am interested in disease ecology, wildlife biology, and conservation biology. My research is focused on the influence of natural disturbances and community structure on amphibian-parasite dynamics.

Maddy Cochrane


PhD Student

I am broadly interested in population ecology, spatial ecology, and conservation biology, particularly for amphibians and reptiles. My doctorate research focuses on the population ecology of stream salamanders in Appalachian headwater streams. 

Brett R. Addis

brett addis

PhD Student

I am interested in dispersal ecology and evolution.  My research focuses on testing for a role of natural selection in maintaining variation in dispersal distance in natural populations of the stream salamander Gyrinophilus porphyriticus.

Please see my website for more information

Leah Swartz

leah swartz

Lab Manager (Former MS Student, graduated 2017)

I am interested in conservation biology, quantitative ecology, and restoration ecology. My Master's research was focused on evaluating the success of wetland mitigation and restoration projects in supporting amphibian and invertebrate communities.