Leah Swartz

leah swartz

MS Student

I am broadly interested in the application of science to inform on the ground management and conservation decisions. My current research is focused on evaluating the success of wetland mitigation and restoration projects in supporting viable populations of amphibians and healthy wetland communities.

Taylor Wilcox

taylor wilcox with baby in the forest

PhD Student

My research focuses on developing and implementing environmental DNA (eDNA) tools for detection of aquatic animals. I am interested in how these tools can be used to detect rare and invasive and native species, as well as used to measure biodiversity.

Claire Bayer

claire bayer

PhD Student

My research focuses on the role of food web complexity in reducing energy loss from a system.  Specifically, I am studying how salamander assemblages in Appalachian headwater streams migrate exports to the terrestrial environment.

Brett R. Addis

brett addis

PhD Student

I am interested in dispersal ecology and evolution.  My research focuses on testing for a role of natural selection in maintaining variation in dispersal distance in natural populations of the stream salamander Gyrinophilus porphyriticus.