If you have a general interest in plant population or community ecology, and specific interests that coincide with those of the Maron lab, we encourage you to become a lab member! If you are seeking experience doing lab or field ecology, there are often opportunities for volunteer or paid positions within the lab.

If you are a prospective graduate student interested in working in the Maron lab, contact me about your interest in graduate school. My personal philosophy is not to plug students into my existing research projects. Instead, I encourage students to develop their own research built around a strong conceptual and theoretical framework. However, if students are particularly interested in working in the same system in which I work, I certainly don't discourage this. I strive to train students to think and work independently, to apply for their own grant support, and become fully functioning scientists that will ultimately be competitive for academic or other jobs in ecology. I look for students that are highly motivated, excited by ecology and field biology, and who are willing to work hard and have fun doing it! I push my students to read and think broadly and I encourage interaction and cooperation among my students. As an advisor, I attempt to foster an environment that is rigorous, but supportive and positive. Beyond my own laboratory, the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Montana is a lively and stimulating place. The Division has real strength in field-based ecology and evolution. The faculty are young and dynamic, energetic, and very interactive. Admission to the Division is quite competitive, which means that the graduate student population is very good. Graduate students admitted to the Ph.D. program are offered 4 years of T.A. support (with a contingent 5th year), awarded on a competitive basis. However, I strongly encourage prospective Ph.D. students to apply for NSF pre-doctoral fellowships. If you have excellent grades and GRE scores, you will be very competitive for these fellowships. The deadline for applying is in mid-November. Additional information about NSF pre-doctoral fellowships can be attained by visiting the National Science Foundation's website.

See this form letter I send out to prospective graduate students for more information [PDF]