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Welcome to the Valett Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology Laboratory at the University of Montana
Our work addresses how streams and rivers can be used to understand spatial influences among open ecosystems.

We focus on how the flow of water, energy, and materials among ecosystems distributed across riverscapes organizes and influences ecological behavior.
We combine hydrology, geochemistry, geomorphology, and ecology to understand interactions among rivers and streams, groundwater, floodplains, and riparian forests in the context of a changing world.

Research Interests:

  • Ecosystem Ecology and Biochemistry

  • Nutrient Retention in Lotic Ecosystems

  • Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange: Implications for Ecosystem Function

  • Floodplain-River Interactions

  • Ecological Restoration

The Clark Fork River on a sunny summer day


  • Ecological Society of America
  • Society for Freshwater Science
  • American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
  • American Geophysical Union


Social Media 

Instagram: @vael.umt