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We study the importance of spatial organization of regulatory protein/RNA complexes within the cytoplasm.  Our model organism is the nematode, C. elegans.  C. elegans reproduction is sustained by germ cells that give rise to eggs and sperm.  Our lab investigates how the germ cell RNA regulatory machinery is organized in cytoplasmic organelles called P granules (or germ granules).  The strategy of assembling important regulators of RNA metabolism in cytoplasmic foci is conserved across species, and we anticipate that our findings will shed light on the functions of conserved regulators in development and disease.

C. elegans germ cell nuclei (cyan) are surrounded by germ granules (red).

C. elegans germ cell nuclei (cyan) are surrounded by germ granules (red).

Recent Lab News

12/12/14 - ASCB meeting - RNA granule assembly and cellular functions were discussed and the annual meeting of the Society for Cell Biology in San Diego, CA.

10/21/15 - Award - Preston Novak just got selected as a QuestBridge scholarship finalist. Congrats, Preston!

9/12/15 - CBSD Symposium - Mary Ellenbecker, Jenessa Olson, and Xiaobo Wang presented their research at the 2015 research symposium of the Center of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. Mary and Xiaobo were chosen to present highlights of their projects in the oral presentation session.

8/7/15 - Paper - A paper that was started by Preston Novak's Science Fair project was just accepted in G3. Xiaobo Wang, Mary Ellenbecker, and Sara Feilzer contributed to the study.

6/20/15 - C. elegans meeting - Jenessa Olson and Preston Novak presented their research at the International C. elegans meeting at UCLA. Preston's travel to the meeting was supported by fellowships from the conference organizers and from Hellgate High School.

6/9/15 - Award - Xiaobo Wang just received a Summer Graduate Fellowship Award from the Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics for Summer 2016