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We study the importance of spatial organization of regulatory protein/RNA complexes within the cytoplasm.  Our model organism is the nematode, C. elegans.  C. elegans reproduction is sustained by germ cells that give rise to eggs and sperm.  Our lab investigates how the germ cell RNA regulatory machinery is organized in cytoplasmic organelles called P granules (or germ granules).  The strategy of assembling important regulators of RNA metabolism in cytoplasmic foci is conserved across species, and we anticipate that our findings will shed light on the functions of conserved regulators in development and disease.

C. elegans germ cell nuclei (cyan) are surrounded by germ granules (red).

C. elegans germ cell nuclei (cyan) are surrounded by germ granules (red).

Recent Lab News

6/28/17 - New lab member - Benjamin Hickey started working in the lab as a undergraduate researcher. Looking forward to the productive summer ahead!

6/25/17 - Honorable mention - Xiaobo Wang received an honorable mention in the poster competition at the C. elegans meeting, in the "Development" category. Congrats, Xiaobo!

6/21-25/17 - C. elegans meeting - Nick Day, Mary Ellenbecker, Emily Osterli, Xiaobo Wang, and Ekaterina Voronina presented lab research at the C. elegans meeting on UCLA campus. Mary's research was selected for an oral presentation.

5/15/17 - Award - Mary Ellenbecker received a travel award to attend the International C. elegans Conference this summer. Congrats, Mary!

2/5-9/17 - Keystone Meeting: Protein-RNA interactions - Ekaterina Voronina presented lab research at the Kestone Meeting in Banff, Canada.