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We study the importance of spatial organization of regulatory protein/RNA complexes within the cytoplasm.  Our model organism is the nematode, C. elegans.  C. elegans reproduction is sustained by germ cells that give rise to eggs and sperm.  Our lab investigates how the germ cell RNA regulatory machinery is organized in cytoplasmic organelles called P granules (or germ granules).  The strategy of assembling important regulators of RNA metabolism in cytoplasmic foci is conserved across species, and we anticipate that our findings will shed light on the functions of conserved regulators in development and disease.

C. elegans germ cell nuclei (cyan) are surrounded by germ granules (red).

C. elegans germ cell nuclei (cyan) are surrounded by germ granules (red).

Recent Lab News

11/4/16 - Paper - A paper describing Xiaobo Wang's research on DLC-1's role as an FBF-2 cofactor was just accepted to Development. Mary Ellenbecker, Jenessa Olson, and Jessie Bailey contributed to the study. This paper was the first to provide genetic evidence of dynein-independent function of DLC-1 in post-transcriptional regulation.

10/11/16 - Paper - A paper describing host-pathogen interaction between C. elegans and a pathogen Coxiella burnetii was acctepted to Innate Immunity. This study was initiated by Lance Watson, an undergraduate student who did his senior research in both Voronina and Minnick labs.

10/4/16 - Germ Cell Meeting - Ekaterina Voronina presented lab research at the Germ Cell Meeting in Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

9/28/16 - Paper - A paper resulting from our collaboration on histone modifications in development was accepted to Nature Communications.

7/13/16 - TAGC Meeting - Xiaobo Wang and Ekaterina Voronina presented the lab research at the TAGC meeting in Orlando, FL. Xiaobo's research was selected for a plenary presentation.

6/29/16 - Award - Xiaobo Wang received an award from the Research and Creative Scholarship Committee to perform FCS studies of GFP-tagged proteins in worm germline.

6/1/16 - CBSD Symposium - Mary Ellenbecker, Xiaobo Wang, and Ekaterina Voronina presented the lab research at the 2016 research symposium of the Center of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. Mary was chosen to present highlights of her projects in the oral presentation session.

5/30/16 - Award - Xiaobo Wang received a travel award to attend The Allied Genetics Conference this coming summer. Congrats, Xiaobo!

5/16/16 - New Lab Members - Nick Day decided to join the lab after first-year rotations in CMMB graduate program. Welcome on board, Nick! Emily Osterli and Ella Baumbarten will be working in the lab as undegraduate researchers. Looking forward to the exciting summer ahead.