Welcome to the Woods Lab

We seek to understand the effects of climate change on invertebrates. At the moment, the lab has two main projects. The first explores the effects of climate change on insects. We are interested in questions like: How much will climate change affect the microclimates where insects actually live? How much microclimatic diversity is there, and how does that depend on scale? How readily do small organisms move around to exploit the diversity of local microclimates? The second project is about polar gigantism in marine invertebrates. Many marine-invertebrate taxa have evolved very large body sizes in cold, polar oceans. We are examining the physiology and biomechanics of gigantism in Antarctica: How and why do some Antarctic taxa evolve giant body sizes? How important are temperature-oxygen interactions in shaping patterns of gigantism? Are polar giants particularly vulnerable to changing ocean temperatures? See our separate project website on gigantism in Antarctica!

With Marty Martin at University of South Florida, I'm also now co-hosting the Big Biology podcast. Check us out!

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