Brandon S. Cooper

Brandon S. Cooper

Assistant Professor

Office: ISB 316

Personal Website


BIOM 491-01, Host-Microbe Interactions, Spring 2019

BIOB 595-02, Advanced Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics (CHALK) Seminar, every Spring and Fall


NIH and NIAID Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California-Davis

PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington

Research Interests

Host-Wolbachia interactions, local adaptation, speciation

Field of Study

Evolutionary genetics

Selected Publications

Meany, M.K., W.R. Conner, S.V. Richter, J.A. Bailey, M. Turelli, and B.S. Cooper. preprint. Loss of cytoplasmic incompatibility and minimal fecundity effects explain relatively low Wolbachia frequencies in Drosophila mauritiana. biorxiv.

Cooper, B.S., A. Sedghifar, W.T. Nash, A.A. Comeault, D.R. Matute. 2018. A maladaptive combination of traits contributes to the maintenance of a Drosophila hybrid zone. Current Biology. 28:2940-2947.

Turelli, M., B.S. Cooper, K.M. Richardson, P.S. Ginsberg, B.P. Peckenpaugh, C.X. Antelope, K.J. Kim, M.R. May, A. Abrieux, D.A. Wilson, M.J. Bronski, B.R. Moore, J. Gao, M.B. Eisen, J.C. Chiu, W.R. Conner, A.A. Hoffmann. 2018. Rapid global spread of wRi-like Wolbachia across multiple Drosophila. Current Biology. 28:963-971.

Cooper, B.S., P. Ginsberg, M. Turelli, and D. Matute. 2017. Wolbachia in the Drosophila yakuba complex: pervasive frequency variation and weak cytoplasmic incompatibility, but no apparent effect on reproductive isolation. Genetics. 205:333–351.

Adrion, J.R., M.W. Hahn, and B.S. Cooper. 2015. Revisiting classic clines in Drosophila melanogaster in the age of genomics. Trends in Genetics. 31:434-444.

Cooper, B.S., C. Burrus, C. Ji, M.W. Hahn, and K.L. Montooth. 2015. Similar efficacies of selection shape mitochondrial and nuclear genes in both Drosophila melanogaster and Homo sapien. Genes|Genomes|Genetics. 5:2165-76.

Condon, C., B.S. Cooper, S. Yeaman, and M.J. Angilletta. 2014. Temporal variation favors the evolution of generalists in experimental populations of Drosophila melanogaster. Evolution. 68:720-728.

Cooper, B.S., L.A. Hammad, N.P. Fisher, J.A. Karty, and K.L. Montooth. 2012. In a variable thermal environment selection favors greater plasticity of cell membranes in Drosophila melanogaster. Evolution. 66: 1976-1984.