Laura K. Jennings

Laura K. Jennings

Assistant Research Professor


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BioM410 Microbial Genetics


Cornell University, MS/PhD in Environmental Engineering, Ithaca, NY                                      

Montana State University, BS in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Bozeman, MT

University of Washington, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Microbiology, Seattle, WA

Research Interests

Biofilms, antibacterial vaccines, bacteriocins, bacteriophage

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, please see the following link.

Secor PR, Burgener EB, Kinnersley M, Jennings LK, Roman-Cruz V, Popescu M, Van Belleghem JD, Haddock N, Copeland C, Michaels LA, De Vries CR. Pf Bacteriophage and their impact on Pseudomonas virulence, mammalian immunity, and chronic infections. Frontiers in Immunology. 2020;11.

Burgener EB, Sweere JM, Bach MS, Secor PR, Haddock N, Jennings LK, Marvig RL, Johansen HK, Rossi E, Cao X, Tian L. 2019. Filamentous bacteriophages are associated with chronic Pseudomonas lung infections and antibiotic resistance in cystic fibrosis. Science Transl. Med. 11(488), eaau9748.

Secor PR, Michaels LA, Ratjen A, Jennings LK, Singh PK. 2018. Entropically driven aggregation of bacteria by host polymers promotes antibiotic tolerance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Proc Natl Acad Sci 28:201806005.

Secor, PR, Michaels, LA, Smigiel, KS, Rohani, MG, Jennings, LK, Hisert, KB, Arrigoni, A, Braun, KR, Birkland, TP, Hallstrand, TS, Lai, Y, Bollyky, PL, Singh, PK, Parks, WC. 2017. Filamentous bacteriophage produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa alters the inflammatory response and promotes non-invasive infection in vivo. Infection and Immunity 85(1), e00648-16. *Featured on journal cover

Baker P, Hill PJ, Snarr BD, Alnabelseya N, Pestrak MJ, Lee MJ, Jennings LK, Tam J, Melnyk RA, Parsek MR, Sheppard DC. 2016. Exopolysaccharide biosynthetic glycoside hydrolases can be utilized to disrupt and prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms. Science Adv 2(5), e1501632.

Jennings LK, Storek KM, Ledvina HE, Coulon C, Marmont LS, Sadovskaya I, Secor PR, Tseng BS, Scian M, Filloux A, Wozniak DJ, Howell PL, Parsek MR. 2015. Pel is a cationic exopolysaccharide that cross-links extracellular DNA in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm matrix. Proc Natl Acad Sci 112:11353-11358. 

Secor PR, Jennings LK, Michaels LA, Sweere JM, Singh PK, Parks WC, Bollyky PL. 2015. Biofilm assembly becomes crystal clear–filamentous bacteriophage organize the Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm matrix into a liquid crystal. Microbial Cell 3:49-52.

Jones CJ, Newsom D, Kelly B, Irie Y, Jennings LK, Xu B, Limoli DH, Harrison JJ, Parsek MR, White P, Wozniak DJ. 2014. ChIP-seq and RNA-Seq reveal an amrZ-mediated mechanism for cyclic di-GMP synthesis and biofilm development by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. PLoS Pathogens 10:e1003984.

Field EK, Gerlach R, Viamajala S, Jennings LK, Peyton BM, Apel WA. 2013. Hexavalent chromium reduction by Cellulomonas sp. strain ES6: the influence of carbon source, iron minerals, and electron shuttling compounds. Biodegradation 24:437-450.

Jennings LK, Giddings CG, Gossett JM, Spain JC. 2013. Bioaugmentation for aerobic degradation of cis-1,2-dichloroethene, p 199-217, Bioaugmentation for Groundwater Remediation. Springer, New York.

Secor PR*, Jennings LK*, James GA, Kirker KR, Pulcini Ed, McInnerney K, Gerlach R, Livinghouse T, Hilmer JK, Bothner B, Fleckman P, Olerud JE, Stewart PS. 2012. Phevalin (aureusimine B) production by Staphylococcus aureus biofilm and impacts on human keratinocyte gene expression. PLoS ONE 7:e40973. *co-first author

Giddings CG, Jennings LK, Gossett JM. 2010. Microcosm assessment of a DNA probe applied to aerobic degradation of cis-1,2 dichloroethene by Polaromonas sp. strain JS666. Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation 30:97-105.

Jennings LK, Chartrand MM, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Lollar BS, Spain JC, Gossett JM. 2009. Proteomic and transcriptomic analyses reveal genes upregulated by cis-dichloroethene in Polaromonas sp. strain JS666. Appl Environ Microbiol 75:3733-3744.


  • ASCEND Innovation Award
  • American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Characklis Award for Outstanding PhD Student
  • IGERT NSF Fellowship
  • Goldwater Scholarship
  • MSU Presidential Scholarship


Affiliate Faculty Member for the Center for Translational Medicine (CTM)