Beverly Piggott

Beverly Piggott

Assistant Professor

Home Department: Division of Biological Sciences
Office: HS 304A



1.  Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UCSF – San Francisco, CA  (2012 – 2020)

Lefkofsky Family Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Research: Established the Drosophila developing nervous system as a model to understand the role of ion channels

in proliferation, differentiation, and brain tumor formation. (Research Advisor: Yuh-Nung Jan, Ph.D.)

2.  University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI  (2005 – 2012)

Ph.D. in Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Conferred 8.17.2012.

Research: Dissected the neural circuits and genetic basis for locomotor initiation in C. elegans through

a multi-disciplinary approach in freely moving animals. (Research Advisor: X.Z. Shawn Xu, Ph.D.)

3.  University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, WI  (2000 - 2005)

B.S. in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology with honors, May 2005

Research: Characterized horseradish peroxidase catalyzed oxidation of azo dyes to model enzymatic

methods for bioremediation of industrial pollutants. (Research Advisor: Marcia Miller, Ph.D.)

4.  Mayo Clinic – Rochester, MN  (5.2003 – 8.2003)

Clinical Technician Intern, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics

5. Kansai Gaidai University – Hirakata, Japan  (1.2003 – 5.2003)

Foreign exchange student


[1] Zhaoyu Li, Jiejun Zhou, Teng Yu, Khersheed Wani, Beverly J. Piggott, Jianfeng Liu, X.Z. Shawn Xu. A C.

elegans neuron that both promotes and suppresses a motor circuit to fine tune motor output. (in prep.)

[2] Piggott B.J., Peters, C.J., He, Y., Huang, X., Younger, S., Jan, L.Y., Jan Y.N. Paralytic, the Drosophila voltagegated

sodium channel, regulates proliferation of neural progenitors. (Accepted, Genes & Development)

2019. BioRxiv 2019 doi:

[3] To T.L., Piggott B.J., Makhijani K., Yu D., Jan YN., Shu X. Rationally designed fluorogenic protease reporter

visualizes spatiotemporal dynamics of apoptosis in vivo. PNAS 112(11):3338-43. 2015

[4] Piggott, B.J.*, Liu, J.* Feng, Z.*, Wescott, S.A. and Xu, X.Z.S. The neural circuits and synaptic mechanisms

underlying motor initiation in C. elegans. Cell. 147(4):922-33. 2011 *Co-first authors

[5] Li, W., Kang, L.J., Piggott, B.J., Feng, Z. and Xu, X.Z.S. Dissecting neural circuits for harsh touch behavior in C.

elegans. Nat Commun. 2:315. 2011

[6] Feng, Z., Li, W., Ward, A., Piggott, B.J., Larkspur, E.R., Sternberg, P.W., and Xu, X.Z.S. A C. elegans Model of

Nicotine-Dependent Behavior: Regulation by TRP-Family Channels. Cell 127(3): 621-633. 2006.



University of California – San Francisco

[1] Poster contest winner, UCB/UCSF/UCSC Stem Cell Retreat, Asilomar, CA 2017

[2] Lefkofsky Family Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship 2013-2017

University of Michigan

[1] Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award (1 of 13 nationwide) 2012

[2] Vision Research Training Program Grant 2010 - 2012

[3] Rackham Graduate School Conference Travel Award 2009

[4] Systems and Integrative Biology Training Grant 2006 - 2008

[5] ORAU Graduate Student Award to attend the 2007 Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates 2007

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire 

[1] Chemistry Chair Award 2004

[2] Merck Scholar for undergraduate research 2004

[3] Chemistry Department - Gleiter Scholarship 2004

[4] Molecular Movement (Association for Biochemistry Majors) President 2004

[5] Academic Distinction