Gerard Sapes

Gerard Sapes

OBEE PhD Student

Office: Natural Sciences 117

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Curriculum Vitae


Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Bachelors, 2007-2012)

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Masters, 2012-2013)

University of Montana (PhD, 2014-Present)

Field of Study

Plant Physiology


Simeone C, Maneta M, Holden Z, Sapes G, Sala A, Dobrowski S. 2018. Coupled ecohydrology and plant hydraulics modeling predicts ponderosa pine seedling mortality and lower tree line in the U.S. Northern Rocky Mountains. New Phytologist. Accepted pending revision.

Pérez-Navarro MA, Sapes G, Batllori E, Serra-Diaz JM, Esteve MA, Lloret F. 2018. Climatic suitability derived from species distribution models correlates with plant population responses to an extreme drought episode. Ecosystems.

Lloret F, Sapes G, Rosas T, Galiano L, Saura-Mas S, Sala A, Martínez-Vilalta J. 2018. Non-structural carbohydrates dynamics associated to drought-induced die-off in woody species of a shrubland community. Annals of Botany mcy039.

Sapes G, Serra-Diaz J, Lloret F. 2017. Species climatic niche explains drought-induced die-off in a Mediterranean woody community. Ecosphere 8 (5):e01833. e0183310.1002/ecs2.1833.

Ryan M, Sapes G, Sala A, Hood S. 2015. Tree Physiology and Bark Beetles. New Phytologist. 205 (3), 955-957. Doi: 10.1111/nph.13256