Art Woods

Art Woods


Office: BioResearch Labs 005

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Curriculum Vitae


PhD, Zoology, University of Washington (1998)
BS, Biology, Stanford University (1991)

Research Interests

Physiological ecology of invertebrates

Physiology and evolution of oxygen-water tradeoffs

Climate-physiology interactions


Selected Publications

Woods, HA, SJ Lane, C Shishido, BW Tobalske, CP Arango, AL Moran. (2017) Respiratory gut peristalsis by sea spiders. Current Biology 27.13: R638-R639. Featured in Nature, National Geographic (+ YouTube video), Science News, The Atlantic, The Economist, The Missoulian, and others. 

Kingsolver, JG, HA Woods (2016) Beyond thermal performance curves:  Modeling time-dependent effects of thermal stress on ectotherm growth rates. American Naturalist 187, DOI: 10.1086/684786

Wilson, JK, A Kessler, HA Woods (2015) Noisy communication via airborne infochemicals. BioScience 65, 667 - 677. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biv062 

Woods, HA (2014) Mosaic physiology from developmental noise: within-organism physiological diversity as an alternative to phenotypic plasticity and phenotypic flexibility. Journal of Experimental Biology 217, 35-45. doi:10.1242/jeb.089698

Potter, KA, HA Woods, S Pincebourde (2013) Microclimatic challenges in global change biology. Global Change Biology 19, 2932 – 2939. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12257 

Woods HA (2013) Ontogenetic changes in the body temperature of an insect herbivore. Functional Ecology 27, 1322 - 1331.

Woods HA & JK Wilson (2013) An information hypothesis for the evolution of homeostasis. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28, 283 – 289

Pincebourde S & HA Woods (2012) Climate uncertainty on leaf surfaces: perspectives on the leaf microclimate from biophysical ecology. Functional Ecology 26, 844 - 853. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2435.2012.02013.x

Moran AL & HA Woods (2012) Why might they be giants? Towards an understanding of polar gigantism. Journal of Experimental Biology 215, 1995-2002.

Kingsolver JG, HA Woods, LB Buckley, KA Potter, H MacLean, JK Higgins (2011) Complex life cycles and the responses of insects to climate change. Integrative and Comparative Biology 51, 719-732 

Potter, KA, G Davidowitz, HA Woods (2009) Insect eggs protected from high temperatures by limited homeothermy of plant leaves. Journal of Experimental Biology 212, 3448 – 3454

Woods, HA & AL Moran (2008). Temperature-oxygen interactions in Antarctic nudibranch egg masses. Journal of Experimental Biology 211, 798 - 804.

Woods, HA & AL Moran (2008) Oxygen profiles in egg masses predicted from a diffusion-reaction model. Journal of Experimental Biology 211, 790 - 797.

Zrubek, B & HA Woods (2006). Insect eggs exert rapid control over an oxygen-water tradeoff. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 273, 831–834. (doi:10.1098/rspb.2005.3374)

Woods HA, RT Bonnecaze, B Zrubek (2005) Oxygen and water flux across eggshells of Manduca sexta. Journal of Experimental Biology 208, 1297-1308.

Woods, HA and RI Hill (2004) Temperature-dependent oxygen limitation in insect eggs. Journal of Experimental Biology, 207, 2267 - 2276.

Woods, HA and JF Harrison (2002) Interpreting rejections of the beneficial acclimation hypothesis: when is physiological plasticity adaptive? Evolution 56, 1863 – 1866.


Home Department

Division of Biological Sciences

Area of Expertise

Effect of Large-Scale Climate Change on Small Scale Organisms, Especially Insects; Projecting Large-Scale Data into Small-Scale Habitats

Wood Lab Description Field

Art is interested in the physiological ecology of invertebrates, insect physiology, climate change, microclimates, and modeling.