Auxilliary Laboratory Equipment

The EBL houses a host of equipment to facilitate field sampling and chemical and physical analysis of environmental samples. A few examples are listed below. Other examples are a portable spectrometer (Hach DR/2000) and test kits, pH, DO, EC meters and titrators, a ball mill with zirconia vials, centrifuges, drying ovens, a muffle furnace etc. This equipment is generally available for use by university and other researchers.

Clean Room Facility

clean room facility

The clean room facility houses the HPLC-ICP-MS and mercury analyzers. Its air handling system is completely autonomous and ensures a HEPA filtered atmosphere. The room is complete with two metals-free laminar flow work benches for particulate-free and toxic applications.

student working in the clean room

Specialized Lab Equipment

hot block silled with test tubes
micrwave full of testtubes

Several Hot Blocks and a microwave digestion apparatus are available for sample preparation along with exhausting laminar flow hoods and clean work benches.

General Lab Equipment

General laboratory equipment such as water purifiers, balances, cleaning facilities and computer workstations complete the EBL.

student washin lab equipment
student recording data