Requirements - Graduate

Program Requirements

A minimum of 30 hours of graduate credit is required for the M.A. in economics including the following required courses:

  • ECNS 403 - Introduction to Econometrics - 4 cr
  • ECNS 560 - Advanced Econometrics - 4 cr
  • ECNS 511 - Graduate Microeconomics - 3 cr
  • ECNS 513 - Graduate Macroeconomics - 3 cr
  • ECNS 599 - Graduate Thesis - 10 credits
  • Electives - 6 credits

The above requirements constitute the minimum to be met by each student. A maximum of 10 graduate credits earned in ECNS 599 may be counted toward the 30 hour minimum, although the student may find it desirable to include in his/her program additional hours of graduate credit in this offering. Determination of the electives in the above requirements and any supplements to the program of study will be the mutual responsibility of the student and his/her advisor. Typically, these courses will provide background or analytical techniques useful to the empirical preparation of the student. A student who has received credit in econometrics as an undergraduate must complete a corresponding additional number of hours in electives.

The graduate school requires that half of all class work be at the 500 level or above. See the Graduate School for details.

A student's thesis will be the primary test of his/her empirical skills. The student's final oral examination as prescribed by the Graduate School may include any aspect of his/her study and generally includes applied economic techniques, particularly as applied by the student's thesis.

The University also offers graduate programs in Environmental Studies, Geography, Forestry, Business, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy. Economics graduate students often take elective courses in these fields.

Please refer to the Graduate Handbook for additional details on program requirements.