Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 21, 1998 Boosting Manufacturing as a Way to Boost Average Incomes
December 7, 1998 Is the Coeur d'Alene Area a Model for Montana Economic Development?
November 23, 1998 Is Montana Really at the Bottom of the National Economic Heap?
November 9, 1998 Taxing Government Workers to Support Public Programs
October 26, 1998 Where Have All the Children Gone?
October 12, 1998 Why is Pay Per Job So Low in Montana?
September 27, 1998 The Meaning of Montana's Low Annual Pay Per Job
September 14, 1998 Do Low Earnings-per-Job Make Us Poor in Montana?
August 31, 1998 The Change in Montana's Industrial Structure: What Has It Meant?
August 17, 1998 Putting Montana's Economic Experience in a Larger Regional Context
August 3, 1998 Perceptions on the Changing Montana Economy
July 20, 1998 Morality and Economic Choice
July 7, 1998 Changing Industrial Structure and Wage Declines in the Pacific Northwest
June 22, 1998 Tobacco Taxes and Pollution Taxes: Political Confusion?
June 11, 1998 Travels in Vermont: Echoes of Possibilities
May 25, 1998 The Triumph of Entrepreneurial Attitude in Escalante
May 11, 1998 A Series of Unintended Consequences: Electric Utility Restructuring
April 27, 1998 Do American Environmental Controls Just Shift Pollution Overseas?
March 30, 1998 Do Jobs Follow People or Do People Follow Jobs?
March 2, 1998 The Local Economic Impact of Endangered Species Protection
February 16, 1998 The Road Building Moratorium on Forest Service Roadless Lands
February 2, 1998 Rethinking Electric Utility Restructuring
January 19, 1998 Mining Gold From Our Bank Vaults Not Our Wildlands
January 5, 1998 Measuring the Relative Importance of Economic Activities