Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 20, 1999 Thinking Back Over the Century
December 6, 1999 Cultural Objections to the New West Economy
November 23, 1999 The "Economics" of Natural Resource Development and Preservation
November 8, 1999 Mis-Projecting the Employment Impacts of Declines in Federal Timber Availability
October 25, 1999 A Conspiracy of Optimism, Act II: Columbia River Salmon
October 11, 1999 The Economics of Protecting Our Roadless Areas
September 27, 1999 Comparing Montana to Other Mountain West States
September 13, 1999 Why Average Income and Pay are So Low in Montana
August 29, 1999 Record Low Unemployment in Montana
August 16, 1999 Mistaking Small Towns for Small Economies
August 2, 1999 The Montana Legislature's Loss of Faith in the Coal Tax Trust Fund
July 17, 1999 Remembering the Timber Panic of the Early 1990s
July 5, 1999 Population Sprawl: The View from Vermont
June 7, 1999 Is Livestock Grazing on Federal Lands Crucial to the Economies of the Inland West?
May 24, 1999 Destination Resorts and the Economy of the New West
May 10, 1999 Being Kicked Out of Last Place
April 25, 1999 The Pervasive Violence in Our Schools: Nothing New
April 12, 1999 Lobbing Fiscal Time Bombs into the Next Millennium
March 29, 1999 Paying Attention to Who Pays Taxes
March 15, 1999 What is to Blame for the Lack of Gold Exploration Activity in Montana?
March 1, 1999 Eating the Scenery: Should Government Employees Be Forced to Eat More?
February 15, 1999 What is it Worth to Bring Back the Past?
February 1, 1999 The "Job Gap" and "Living Wage" in Montana
January 17, 1999 Is There an Economic Crisis in Montana