Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 18, 2000 Ideology, Magical Thinking and Public Economic Policy
December 4, 2000 Roadless Area: Economic and Political Hyperbole
November 20, 2000 Another Western Montana Mill Closure: What Does It Mean?
November 6, 2000 Mining Above Ground Sources of Gold: The US Gold Reserves
October 23, 2000 What Salvage Sales Tell Us About Using Timber Harvest to Reduce Wildfire
October 9, 2000 Homeowner Responsibility for Protecting Their Homes from Wildfire
September 25, 2000 Protecting Homes from Wildfire Without Destroying Forests
September 11, 2000 Timber Harvest and Wildfire
August 28, 2000 A Strategy for Controlling Wildfire While Pursing Healthy Forests
August 14, 2000 The Abuse of Other People's Hard times: The Politics of Forest Fires
July 17, 2000 The Ethics and Economics of Limiting the Lands We Log
July 3, 2000 The Spike in Electric Prices: Hold onto Your Wallets
June 19, 2000 "Shutting Down Our Communities'? Roadless Area Protection and the Vitality of Montana's Small Towns
June 5, 2000 The Cause of Lumber Mill Closures: Distinguishing Supply Constraints from Weak Demand
May 22, 2000 Wildfire, Roads and Timber Harvest
May 8, 2000 Politically Motivated Economic Hysteria
April 24, 2000 Making Off with the Cash: Montana Power Sells Out
April 10, 2000 The Premature Death of the Montana Power Company
March 27, 2000 The Likely Economic Impact of the Roadless Area Initiative on Western Montana
March 13, 2000 Roadless Area Protection and the Bitterroot and Western Montana Economies
February 28, 2000 Job Creation and Economic Well Being
February 14, 2000 The Income Gab Between Low- and High-Income Households in Montana
January 17, 2000 Putting Timber Mill Closures in Perspective
January 3, 2000 Starting the New Century by Jettisoning Some Bad Economic Ideas