Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 31, 2001 Nostalgia for an Economy Long Past
December 17, 2001  Putting Students in Their Place: Missoula's Proposed Occupancy Limits
December 3, 2001  The Tumbling Dominos of Energy Deregulation
November 19, 2001  The "Other" Montana: An Economic Vision for Eastern Montana
November 5, 2001  Coping with the Recession: Ideological Dead-ends
October 22, 2001  Planning for Montana's Future Supply of Electricity
October 8, 2001  Exaggerating Our Economic Problems, Misunderstanding Their Source
September 24, 2001  The Rhetoric of War
September 10, 2001  Are the National Forests the Cause of the of the Declines in Forest Products' Employment in Montana? A Comparison of Maine and Montana 
August 27, 2001  Can the Electric Industry be Safely Deregulated?
August 13, 2001  Jobs and Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
July 30, 2001  The Importance of the Incentives Built into Utility Regulation
July 16, 2001  Coping with Instability in Natural Gas and Electricity Markets
June 18, 2001  Looking at Montana as Two Separate States
June 4, 2001  Is Electric Utility Deregulation Blameless in the Current Energy Crisis?
May 21, 2001  Mischaracterizing Our Energy Problems
May 7, 2001  Low Pay in Montana: Lessons from Our Neighboring States
April 23, 2001  "Jumpstarting" the Montana Economy Helena Style
April 9, 2001  Federal Timber Harvests and Local Employment
March 26, 2001  Is There a "Brain Drain" Taking Place in Montana?
March 12, 2001  Low Pay and Income in the Mountain West: If It's Not Industrial Structure, What Is it?
February 26, 2001  Natural Resource Jobs and Average Pay in Montana: No Connection?
February 12, 2001  Threatening Montana's Future in the Pursuit of Electric Generation Fantasies
January 29, 2001  Making the Electrical Situation Worse: Special Interests Exploit the Mess They Made
January 15, 2001  More Mill Closures: Rational Adjustments to Low Prices and Excess Supply