Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 30, 2002 Just what Is Happening to the Montana Economy?
December 16, 2002 The Real Purpose of Bush's Planned Invasion of Iraq
December 2, 2002 Abandoning Environmental Safequards in Our National Forests
November 18, 2002 The Biennial Raid on the Coal Tax Trust Fund
November 4, 2002 Thinking About the Libby and Lincoln County Economies
October 21, 2002 The Loss of Agriculutural Land to Residential Development in the West
October 7, 2002 Buying Back Montana's Hydroelectric Dams?
September 23, 2002 Questions to be Answered Before We Go To War in Iraq
September 9, 2002 Suspending Environmental Laws to Support Logging in the National Forests
August 26, 2002 President Bush's Preverse Political Jujitsu on Wildfire Control
August 12, 2002 TouchAmerica Takes the Money and Runs
July 29, 2002 Montana's and the West's "Golden Days"
July 15, 2002 Blaming Environementalists for This Summer's Fires
July 1, 2002 The Political Exploitation of the Wildfire Threat
June 17, 2002 The Folk Economics of Job Creation
June 3, 2002 Are Montana's Kids Increasingly at Risk Because of the Economy?
May 20, 2002 Shifting American Forest Degradation Problems to Tropical Rainforests
May 6, 2002 Income Inequality in Montana
April 22, 2002 Substituting Cronyism for Public Regulation
April 8, 2002 The Shifting US Forest Products Industry
March 25, 2002 Comparing Japan's Montana to Our Own
March 11, 2002 Rural Problems: Here and in Japan
February 25, 2002 Using Energy Development to Boost Incomes
February 11, 2002 Does Protecting American Forests Harm Forests Worldwide?
January 28, 2002 Which Way Is Up?  Puzzling Over the "Failing" Montana Economy
January 14, 2002 Is the Cost of Living in Montana Close to the National Average? A Critique of the ACCRA "Average" Cost of Living