Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 27, 2004 "Self-interest" and Voting in the Last Election
December 13, 2004 The Democrats' Male Gender Gap
November 29, 2004 The Meaning of "Moral Values" in the Recent Election
November 15, 2004 "What Were They Thinking" Talking to Bush Supporters
November 1, 2004 Reintroducing Religious Faith Into Government
October 18, 2004 Where Have All the Children Gone, Again?
October 4, 2004 Reliving the Late Nineteenth Century
September 20, 2004 The Renewed Attack on America's Roadless Areas
September 6, 2004 The Economics of Snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park
August 23, 2004 Another Cost of America's Proxy Wars: Enhancing the Drug Trade
August 9, 2004 Recalling a Little History on the Origins of Contemporary "Terrorism"
July 26, 2004 Kerry Versus Bush on Forest Restoration
July 12, 2004 Explaining the Ongoing Growth in the Rural West
June 28, 2004 The Strange Economics of conservative Fiscal Policy
June 14, 2004 The Real Reagan Legacy
May 31, 2004 The Cost of Hazardous Fuel Reduction Efforts to Control Wildfires
May 17, 2004 Montana's Economy, Apparently, is "Never as Good as It Seems"
April 19, 2004 The Official Value of Economic Ignorance
April 5, 2004 Using the Bible to Guide Law-making
March 22, 2004 All Wealth Comes From the Earth?
March 8, 2004 The Natural Resource Strategy for Economic Development
February 23, 2004 Distinguishing Between the "Sanctity of Marriage" and "Equality Before the Law"
February 9, 2004 Northwestern Energy's Electric Supply Plan for Montana
January 26, 2004 The Cultural Inertia Associated with the Popular View of the Montana Economy
January 12, 2004 Taxes as a Political Football