Commentaries by Thomas M. Power



December 11, 2006 "Healthy Forests" and Wildfire Control: Accumulating Scientific Evidence
November 27, 2006 A New Coal Boom for Montana?
November 13, 2006 Changing Course in Iraq? The Dangerous Inertia of Past Commitments
October 30, 2006 Conservative Politicians Claiming Credit for the Economy
October 16, 2006 Micro-credit and the Nobel Peace Prize
October 2, 2006 The Limits of Violence as a Political Tool
September 18, 2006 The Attack on the Proposed Inflation-adjusted Montana Minimum Wage
September 4, 2006 The Oil and Gas Boom in Eastern Montana: Great Plains Renaissance?
August 21, 2006 "Protecting Our Homes" or Protecting Polluters and Developers: I-154
August 7, 2006 Analyzing the Economic Impact of the Proposed Bitterroot Resort
July 24, 2006 The "Burden" of an Aging Population
July 10, 2006 Bringing the Children Back to Montana
June 26, 2006 Protecting Homes from Wildfire: The Start of the 2006 Wildfire Season
June 12, 2006 The End of the Neo-conservative Illusions about the Middle East?
May 29, 2006 Montana's Utility Financial Shell Games Continue
May 15, 2006 Coal Development as Economic Development
May 1, 2006 Making the Most Out of Montana's Utility Chaos
April 17, 2006 Globalization and the American Middle-class Society
April 3, 2006 Holding Rural Kids Hostage for Public Lands Privatization
March 20, 2006 Montana Utility Chaos Accelerates: Bringing Our Utility Back Home
March 6, 2006 A Montana State Energy Policy?
February 20, 2006 Keeping Coal Dirty and Dangerous: EPA Undermines Clean Coal Technology Adoption
February 6, 2006 Ending Our Addiction to Energy, Not Just Imported Oil
January 23, 2006 Post-fire Logging, Forest Recovery, and Hazardous Fuel Reduction
January 9, 2006 Wildfire in the South: Lessons for the West