Commentaries by Thomas M. Power

Thomas M. Power received his PhD in Economics from Princeton University. From 1968 to 2008 he taught in the Economics Department at the University of Montana, serving as Chairman of the department from 1978 to 2008.  In 2008 he retired from teaching and administration and now serves as a Research Professor and Professor Emeritus.

Tom remains a prolific writer and is the author of six books, a dozen and a half book chapters, and numerous articles and reports in the field of Natural Resource and Regional Economics and the relationship between those two fields.  Tom was initially drawn into these fields by both the energy “booms” as well as the metal mining and timber industry “busts” that threatened to disrupt many communities across rural America in the 1970s and 1980s.  Water, energy, and environmental issues became intertwined in ways that require new approaches to regulation. Dr. Power focuses his research and publications on these issues. As a result of requests for the application of his expertise to site specific problems, a consulting service, Power Consulting, was established, which remains focused on Natural Resource Economics and the intersection between natural resources and regional economic vitality. 

Even while serving as Professor and Chair for the Economics Department, Tom also "appeared" on Montana Public Radio as a commentator for eighteen years. Links to each year of his commentaries follow.

18 years of commentaries