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Derek Kellenberg

Derek Kellenberg


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Fall 2020 Courses:

ECNS 201 Principles of Microeconomics

ECNS 511 Microeconomic Theory



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ECNS 301 Microecoonomics w/Calculus

ECNS 433 Environmental Economics

ECNS 441 International Trade

ECNS 445 International Environmental Economics and Climate Change

ECNS 481 Communicating Economics


Personal Summary

Dr. Kellenberg joined the Department of Economics at the University of Montana in the Fall of 2007. He has specializations in the fields of international and environmental economics, with particular interests in international environmental policy, the theory of multinational firms, and international trade and the environment. Dr. Kellenberg has published articles in the Journal of International Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, among others, and currently has research focused on empirical tests of international  pollution haven effects and the determinants of hazardous waste trade across countries. 


University of Colorado at Boulder, Ph.D.

University of Colorado at Boulder, M.A.

Willamette University, B.S.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are at the intersection of international economics and environmental  economics, specifically exploring trans-boundary environmental issues and linkages across countries.  Much of my recent work focuses on how differences in environmental regulation and participation in International Environmental Agreements can influence hazardous and non-hazardous waste trade flows among countries.  In addition, my research has more recently been expanding into the areas of wildlife and resource management, climate change issues,  and ecosystem services. 

Field of Study

International Economics
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Selected Publications

Kellenberg, D., and A. Levinson, 2019, Misreporting trade: Tariff evasion, corruption, and auditing standards, Review of International Economics, 27(1):106-129.

Kellenberg, D., 2015, Infrastructure, Multinational Affiliate Production, and the Pattern of Trade, International Economic Journal, 29(3): 475-502.

Kellenberg, D. and A. Levinson. 2014. Waste of Effort? International Environmental Agreements, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 1(1-2), 135-169.

Ramler, J. Hebblewhite, M., Kellenberg, D., and C. Sime. 2014. Crying Wolf?  A Spatial Analysis of Wolf Location and Depredations on Calf Weight, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 96(3), 631-656.

Kellenberg, D. 2012. Trading Wastes, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 64(1), 68-87.

Kellenberg, D. and A.M. Mobarak. 2011.  The Economics of Natural Disasters, Annual Review of Resource Economics, vol 3: 297-312.

Kellenberg, D. 2009.  An Empirical Investigation of the Pollution Haven Effect with Strategic Environment and Trade Policy, Journal of International Economics, 78(2), 242-255.

Kellenberg, D. and A.M. Mobarak.  2008.  Does Rising Income Increase or Decrease Damage Risk from Natural Disasters?, Journal of Urban Economics, 63(3), 788-802.

Home Department

Department of Economics 

Area of Expertise

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; International Economics