Introduction to the Employee Database

Administrative Permissions

There are two levels of Administrator permissions in the Employee Database:

School Admins

School Admins have access to all Department employee lists within a School.  When you log in, you will see a list of departments within your unit.

Department Admins

Department Admins have access to only department-level employee lists.  When you log in, you will see a list of employees in your Department.

For security reasons, the number of administrators in the Employee Database is limited.  Students will not be granted administrative permissions without prior approval.

Administrator permissions include:

  • Adding users to the Employee Database
  • Assigning users to departments
  • Removing users from departments
  • Editing user profiles

It is important to remember that user profile information generates a public profile.  Please encourage users to manage their own profile information.

Employee Types

Faculty, staff, and graduate students are added to the Employee Database by school or department administrators.

A NetID and employee type is required for this process.

Employee types include:

  • Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Adjunct
  • Research Faculty
  • Emeritus
  • Affilaite
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Post-Doc