WRIT for Transfer Students

UM recognizes that WRIT placement and completion differs institutionally and from state to state and works to accommodate the subsequent needs of transfer students.

The Admissions Office (406–243–6266) evaluates transcripts for coursework equivalent to WRIT 095/101/201. If you believe that your work has been evaluated incorrectly, please contact the Admissions Office for information on appealing their initial review. Be sure to have a syllabus from the course you believe to be equivalent to support your claims.

The Petition

If you cannot reach an accommodation with the Admissions Office, you are eligible to petition for exemption from the WRIT 101 requirement through the Composition Program. In order to petition for credit, please compile the following information:

  1. A cover letter that is thoughtfully and carefully written. It should outline the basis for your request. Please be sure to include pertinent information such as your contact information, student ID number (#790) and how you fulfilled or qualified for the course at your previous institution.
  2. Three papers from any college class with original instructor comments. Original instructor comments are those grading and feedback markings on papers that are returned to the student for revision or at the end of the term. One of these papers must be at least six pages long and include a bibliography or works cited.
  3. If you are petitioning on the basis of a specific course as being equivalent, be sure to include a syllabus and/or course description in your appeal packet.

How to submit your petition:


Do you have questions about the writing requirements at the University of Montana? Please review the Writing Requirement FAQ.