Placement into WRIT 101

How does a student place into WRIT 101?

Students are placed into WRIT 101 based on the following ACT, SAT or MUSWA criteria:

A score of at least:

  • 18 on the ACT Combined English/Writing section
  • 7 on the ACT Writing Test Subscore
  • 440 on the SAT Writing Section
  • 7 on the SAT Essay Subscore
  • 3.5 on the Montana University System Writing Assessment
  • 50 on the CLEP Subject Exam in Composition
  • 4 on the International Baccalaureate Language A1 Exam
  • 19 on the ACT Writing subject score
  • 18 on the ACT English Language Arts (ELA)
  • 25 on the SAT Writing/Language test

If a student has scores ranging below and at this level, the highest score will be used to place him or her into a WRIT course.

Students who have taken WRIT 095 or an equivalent developmental writing course from another institution will need to provide proof of successful completion of that course and will not need to rely on the various test scores listed above for placement.

Students without any of these scores or previous coursework must take either WRIT 095 or UM´s writing placement assessment. Send an email to for more information. 

I don't agree with my placement into WRIT 095; can I test into WRIT 101?

Students who place into WRIT 095 (see minimum criteria for WRIT 101, above) may elect to challenge their placement by taking the writing placement assessment. Only the highest score is used to place students into a WRIT class. Send an email to for more information.

Do my AP classes/tests work for placement?

A score of 3 or higher on the English Language and Composition AP test will earn a student 6 degree credits and satisfy the English Composition (WRIT 101) requirement. With the completion of WRIT 101, students are eligible to take WRIT 201.

A score of 3 or higher on the English Literature and Composition AP test will earn a student 6 degree credits and satisfy the Literary and Artistic Studies (L) requirement. This test cannot be used to place students into either WRIT 101 or WRIT 201.

Please note that UM is in the process of moving to a minimum score of 4 rather than 3 for these English tests. In the absence of an AP test score, the AP class alone cannot serve as a placement tool.

Please go to admissions for more information about AP credit and IB credit .