Registering for WRIT 101

Before the Semester Begins

What is the alpha-rotation and how does it work?

Since all students must take WRIT 101 to meet UM´s general education requirements, demand for the course is high. In order to accommodate student needs, UM has implemented an alpha-rotation so that approximately half of the student body can take the course at a time. Students with last names starting A–L have priority for the course in the fall and those students with last names starting M–Z have priority in the spring. UM strictly enforces this policy in the fall semester. While this policy is geared towards freshmen, it will also affect upper classmen unless prior arrangements have been made through the English Advising Office. There is no alpha–rotation in summer, allowing for open registration for those WRIT 101 courses.

How can I tell if my WRIT 101 class meets at the COT?

Effective Fall 2009, all composition courses have the same prefix if they are on UM´s main campus or at the COT. Courses taught at the COT have the letter ´C´ following the section numbers. For example:

  • College Writing I - 30093 – WRIT 101 – 01
  • College Writing I – 32974 – WRIT 101 – 01C

When registering for a class, students should pay careful attention to where the course meets. Classes located in the Administration (AD) or Health and Business (HB) buildings are on the COT campus. A shuttle runs between the campuses on a 15–20 minute rotation. All other classes (except those that meet in Hamilton) meet on the main campus.

"PreReq and Test Score" Errors

"PreReq and Test Score Error" when I tried to register for WRIT 101 in Cyberbear but have taken the ACT/SAT/MUSWA Writing tests. How can I register for this course?

When students take the ACT or SAT multiple times, they do not take the writing portion more than once. The latest scores with the higher composite score will be sent to UM without the writing scores from the first test. Students may fax unofficial high school transcripts showing all of their scores and especially their writing scores to the English Department (406–243–2556) or call the English Advisor (406–243–6976) to arrange a time to log into ACT or SAT online to view the writing score to receive a tentative placement. Students should then contact the Admissions Office (406–243–6266) and to have the writing portions of their ACT/SAT/MUSWA entered officially.

If a student has not taken the ACT or SAT more than once and is quite certain that he or she took the writing portion of that exam, he or she should contact the Admissions Office (406–243–6266) to ensure that the scores have been received.

I´ve received a "PreReq and Test Score Error" when I tried to register for WRIT 101 in Cyberbear and have not taken the ACT/SAT/MUSWA Writing tests. How can I register for this course?

If a student does not have these scores but has taken a developmental writing course such as WRIT 095, he or she should contact the English Advisor (406–243–6976) to provide proof of successful course completion and to receive an updated placement. The Admissions Office (406–243–6266) evaluates previous coursework for WRIT 101/095 equivalency and enters those equivalents into the computer system; however, the English Advisor can provide preliminary placement pending the more formal assessment.

If a student has neither previous developmental coursework nor the appropriate test scores, he or she must take the composition placement test at the soonest designated date. These exam dates occur during orientation and once each semester. Please contact the English Advisor (406–243–6976) for details.

In the First Week of the Semester

"C/I (consent of instructor) Error"

I receive a "C/I (consent of instructor) Error" when I try to register for an open section on Cyberbear. What´s wrong with my registration?

On the third day of the semester, all sections of WRIT close to online registration. WRIT classes firmly follow UM´s catalog policy outlined below:

Class Attendance/Absence Policy

Students who are registered for a course but do not attend the first two class meetings may be required by the instructor to drop the course. This rule allows for early identification of class vacancies to permit other students to add classes. Students not allowed to remain must complete a drop form or drop the course on Cyberbear to avoid receiving a failing grade. Students who know they will be absent should contact the instructor in advance.

On the second instructional day of a WRIT course (Wednesday for a MWF class, Thursday for a TR class), instructors will begin working with their waitlists and adding those students who have been attending class into the spaces made available by those students who have been absent. Because of this system, a class that appears closed on Cyberbear may have openings based on students´ absences and a class that seems to have openings may actually be filled by the students on the instructor´s waiting list. In order to give priority to waitlisted students, other students cannot add into a section of WRIT 101 without attending class, speaking with an instructor and getting an override from the English Advisor.

All WRIT 101 sections are full, what can I do?

The best way to get into a WRIT 101 course outside of registering during priority registration is to attend as many sections as possible to get on a waiting list. At the second class meeting, the instructor will begin adding students from the waitlist to fill vacancies left by students who have missed the first two instructional days. UM offers WRIT 101 both fall and spring semesters as well as during the summer; if a course is unavailable in the current semester, make plans to take the course in a future semester.

Completing WRIT 101

What grade to I need to pass WRIT 101?

Students matriculating Fall 2005 through Fall 2009 must receive a C or better in WRIT 101 in order to earn credit. Students matriculating Fall 2009 or after may earn credit for a C– or better.

What general education requirements does WRIT 101 fulfill?

WRIT 101 fulfills the requirements for "one English composition course" in UM´s general education requirements for all students. For students matriculating Fall 2009 or after, this requirement appears in group 1, section A. For students matriculating prior to Fall 2009, this requirement appears in part A under "Writing Skills."