Writing Placement

UM Writing Placement Assessment Schedule

In order to make our assessment accessible to students with many different kinds of geographical, educational, and physical needs, we offer a pen-to-paper and an online option.

Both options present students with the same writing prompts.

Online via Moodle

The online option is available throughout the year; submissions are reviewed on roughly a monthly basis. If you are interested in taking the Writing Placement Assessment online please send an email that includes your name and student ID number to one of the addresses below:

Mountain Campus students: writingplacement@umontana.edu.

Missoula College, Bitterroot College, Dual Enrollment students: mcwritingplacement@mso.umt.edu

  • The email should include your name and student ID number.


Pen-to-Paper options are offered periodically throughout the year in connection with the UM Orientation Program; all students are welcome to attend. The pen-to-paper sessions are held on the UM Missoula and Missoula College campuses.

For information about upcoming sessions contact:

Missoula College campus:                                             

Betsy Cincoski                                                             

UM Mountain campus:

Amy Ratto-Parks
(406) 243-2133

Disability Accommodations

The UM Placement Assessment will work with DSS in order to ensure testing accommodations. Please contact your DSS coordinator to explore our electronic and pen-to-paper options and/or to make accommodation requests.

Spring & Summer 2018 Assessment Schedule TBA

Online Review Dates

  • October: Deadline 10/22 at midnight. 
  • November: Deadline 11/5 at midnight.
  • December: Deadline 12/14 at midnight.

Pen-to-Paper Dates - TBA

Located at the Student Learning Center in the Mansfield Library (283) at 1pm for the upcoming face-to-face exams:

Frequently Asked Questions about Composition Placement

I was told I am already placed into a WRIT class. How did that happen?
Generally, students are placed into an English Composition course or a pre- requisite course by the levels of their MUSWA, ACT writing, or SAT writing scores.

What if I don't know what my scores are?
Your advisor will have your scores recorded in Banner and can help you understand your writing placement.

What if I transferred or am returning to school and I don't have scores?
If you do not have scores or are returning to college, you can either begin with WRIT 095, or you can take the composition placement.

If I placed into WRIT 201, do I have to take it?
If you place directly into WRIT 201, we encourage you to take this course in order to be challenged academically, but you are allowed to register for WRIT 101 instead.

What if I took a class like WRIT 101 at another school?
If you have passed equivalent writing classes at another university you might be eligible for the Transfer Student Petition. Please contact the English Advising office with further questions.

How can I take the composition placement?
The UM composition placement is offered during summer and fall orientation, once during spring semester and once during fall semester. Please contact the English advisor at 243-6976 for a schedule.

Do I need to prepare for the composition placement? Do I need to bring anything with me?
There is no registration or preparation necessary for the placement. You only need to bring your student ID# and a writing utensil.