English Teaching Courses: Spring 2019

Teaching Reading and Literature | ENT 441

Course Photo for Teaching Reading and Literature Instructor: Leanne Deschamps
Credits: 3

Delivery Method: Face to Face
Days and times: R 5:00-7:50

Course Description: This course emphasizes various approaches to teaching reading and literature in grades 5-12. Students will explore text complexity, state/national ELA standards, reading assessment, fiction/non-fiction technology resources, and effective reading comprehension strategies (i.e. essential questions, literary lenses, collaborative conversations, literature circles, etc.). Through interactive lessons, students will develop best teaching practices for multiple literary genres, including prose, poetry, film, and other media. Students will design lessons to promote differentiated literacy instruction within the secondary ELA classroom.

Portfolios and Assessment | ENT 548

Course Photo for Portfolios and Assessment Instructor: Dana Haring
Credits: 3

Delivery Method: Online

Course Description: This course will focus on selecting, designing, and evaluating formative and summative assessments in English Language Arts. Portfolios will be explored specifically as assessment tools that can align content standards with curriculum and instruction. Throughout the course, we will examine and create different assessment strategies and tools, including rubrics, checklists, conferences, reflections, and more for use in all areas of English Language Arts. This course counts as ENT 440 Teaching Writing for graduate students who are not yet licensed.

Additional Details: Level: Undergraduate, Graduate. Offered intermittently. Prerequisite: teaching experience, or senior standing (3.0 GPA and petition) with consent of instructor.