Requirements for the Minor

All English Teaching minors must complete a minimum of thirty–nine (39) credits in English. These 39 credits must include the following:

  • Either LIT 220: British Literature: Medieval through Early Modern or LIT 221: British Literature: Enlightenment through Romantic
  • Two (2) of the following courses: LIT 222: British Literature: Victorian through Contemporary, LIT 210: American Literature I, or LIT 211: American Literature II
  • One course chosen from LIT 120: Introduction to Poetry, ENCR 211: Introduction to Creative Writing (Poetry), or LIT 201: Introduction to Literary Studies

NOTE: Students must fulfill all Pre–English requirements before progressing further within the English program. Pre–English majors are blocked from taking LIT 300– and 400–level courses.

  • LIT 300: Applied Literary Criticism
  • LIT 327: Shakespeare
  • Two (2) additional 300–level LIT courses, one of which concentrates in American literature, the other of which has a diversity focus (i.e., a course which carries an accompanying "d" designation; please keep documentation–e.g., a course syllabus, a copy of the department offerings list, etc.–that indicates your chosen course fulfills the diversity requirement)
  • The following five (5) English Teaching courses: ENLI 465: Structure and History of English for Teachers; ENT 439: Studies in Young Adult Literature; ENT 440: Teaching Writing; ENT 441: Teaching Reading and Literature; ENT 442: Teaching Oral Language and Media Literacy
  • Secondary school teaching licensure courses.