The Vault

Please enjoy this various selection of audio and print files from our exciting departmental readings and public events:

Damian Bracken

(04/09/08, 47 minutes)

Dr. Damian Bracken, a professor of history at University College Cork in Ireland, presents "‘The Wild and Woolly West’: Conversion and Identity in Early Ireland." In the seventh century, Ireland and Britain were dismissed as mere "pimples on the face of the earth" by the Irishman Cummian. Cummian´s countryman, St. Columbanus, saw things very differently. For him, the conversion of Ireland in the remote West to Christianity was the fulfillment of history and of the Church´s mission to reach all peoples. Dr. Bracken´s lecture considers these very different appraisals in the context of characterizations of the orthodox and the doctrinally wayward.

Sean Ó Coileáin

(03/14/08, 70 minutes)

To an overflow audience of some 125 people on a Friday night in the Gallagher Business Building, visiting scholar Sean Ó Coileáin (University College Cork, Ireland) reads from and discusses the stately and moving 1773 epic poem, "The Lament for Art O´Leary." Professor Ó Coileáin, who is introduced by Professor Katie Kane, assesses the important lament tradition in Ireland and alternates between Gaelic and English during his reading and lecture.

Michele Glazer

(04/06/07, 51 minutes)

On April 6, 2007, Michele Glazer, assistant professor at Portland State University and author, most recently, of Aggregate of Disturbances (2004), reads from her poetry. Greg Pape introduces Ms. Glazer, who was the Hugo Visiting Writer in the Spring, 2007.

Robert Pack

(03/07, 51 minutes)

Poet and Davidson Honors College Professor Robert Pack visits with the students of Professor Ashby Kinch´s Introduction to Poetry class to discuss his life, his poetry, and the poetic vocation.

Dan Beachy-Quick

(03/09/07, 58 minutes)

Introduced by Brandon Shimoda, Dan Beachy-Quick delivers a lecture on reading and aesthetics, ranging over topics including Plato´s Phaedrus, an Inuit creation song, a Marcel Duchamp ready–made, and a passage from John Muir. The lecture is followed by an open discussion.

Christine Bown and Dan Beachy–Quick

(03/09/07, 64 minutes)

Gracefully introduced by Montana M.F.A. candidate Grace Egbert, Christine Bown (Montana M.F.A. and M.A.–Lit. candidate) reads from her recent work. She is followed by Dan Beachy–Quick, who read from his recent book, Mulberry, as well as some enchanting and penetrating lullabies written for his daughter.

Charles D´Ambrosio

(11/25/06, 61 minutes)

On November 15th, 2006, Charles D´Ambrosio, the Kittredge Visiting Writer at the University of Montana, read his short story, "Screenwriter." The story is prefaced by Debra Magpie Earling´s introduction, and a brief anecdote about Charlie´s prior experiences in Missoula.

Lucie Brock–Broido

(09/27/06, 51 minutes)

On September 27, 2006, the poet Lucie Brock–Broido read from her work, including poems based on Wallace Stevens titles she found in his notebooks. The reading is prefaced by Joanna Klink´s introduction, which evidently "fully fathomed" and "grokked" Lucie prior to her reading.