Literature and the Environment Option Requirements

1. Core Courses:

Ten Courses (30 Credits) are required: Please see requirements for B.A. in English degree for areas of overlap.

A. Required Courses

  • LIT 201: Introduction to Literary Studies
  • LIT 210: American Literature I: Beginnings to 1865
  • LIT 221: British Literature: Enlightenment through Romanticism
  • LIT 202: The Environmental Imagination
  • LIT 300: Literary Criticism
  • LIT 327: Shakespeare
  • LIT 373: Literature in Place
  • LIT 422: Ecocritical Theory and Practice

B. Additional Survey:

Choose One

  • LIT 220: British Literature: Medieval through Early Modern
  • LIT 222: British Literature: Victorian through Contemporary
  • LIT 211: American Literature II: 1865 to the Present

2. Upper-Division English Elective Courses:

In addition to core courses, students must take three 300- or 400-level English courses (9 Credits):

Students must elect nine (9) credits, one course from each of the following designations: A (Medieval through early modern British Literature); B (Enlightenment through Romantic British Literature, or Pre-1865 American Literature); D (diversity).

3. An approved complementary course from a discipline other than English (3 Credits). 

Given the interdisciplinary nature of green literary studies, students are required to take at least one course from a department outside of English.  This course should provide a framework for thinking about environmental issues.  This might include a class on the science of ecology and/or climate studies, a course on environmental philosophy, history or geography, or one focusing upon non-fiction writing about the environment.  For example, students can take courses in Philosophy such as PHL 429 (Philosophy and Literature), in EVST such as ENST 230 (Nature and Society) and in the Global Climate Change Minor, such as CCS 103X (Intro to Climate Change) and NRSM449E (Climate Change Ethics and Policy).  Please see the English Department’s Undergraduate Advisor and/or the Director of Literature for advice regarding which courses might qualify for this requirement. 

4. Seminar Course:

LIT 494—Senior Seminar (3 Credits).

5. Foreign Language:

Two years of a single modern or classical language or the equivalent (200+ level) score on a competency exam is required.