Areas of Faculty Expertise

These are only the most general of breakdowns, of course. Please visit the individual profiles of the faculty members for their more specific areas of teaching and research interests. This information can be particularly valuable as you begin contemplating topics (and a potential committee) for a thesis project, and, more modestly, can also help you consider possibilities for independent studies.

Hunt, Kinch

Renaissance/Early Modern:
Browning, Charles, Hunt, Kinch, Knight

British Romantics:
Baker, Economides, Gilcrest, McKusick


20th Century/Contemporary British:
Baker, Knight, Reimer

Early American:
Bergman, Gilcrest, Moore

19th Century American:
Bergman, Cook, Gilcrest, Harrison, Knight, Moore

20th Century/Contemporary American:
Baker, Cook, Gilcrest, Ha, Harrison, Knight, Moore

Feminist and Gender Studies:
Bergman, Charles

Native American:
Cook, Harrison, Kane, Moore

Cook, Economides, Gilcrest, McKusick, Moore


Irish Studies:
Hunt, Kane, O´Riordain, Reimer

Glendening, Harrison, Kane, Knight, Reimer

Cultural Studies:
Harrison, Kane

Literary and Cultural Theory:
Baker, Bergman, Browning, Charles, Cook, Economides, Gilcrest, Harrison, Kane, Kinch, Knight, Moore, Reimer