Families from Iraq, Eritrea and the DRC Making Films

three people working with a camera

Families from Iraq, Eritrea and the DRC are seven weeks into learning the camera and developing films from their lives. The New Neighbors Project continue to meet on a bi-weekly basis with all of them, but have transitioned out of meeting in the workshop to house visits. Each story being developed is unique.

The Makeci-Abuey family from the DRC by way of Tanzania, direct and shoot a scene from their music video while instructor and creative director, Gabe Sweeney advises. Musicians of some renown back home, the two are working to get their careers off the ground here while working service industry jobs and supporting their families. They just recently played their first downtown live shows at Imagine Nation Brewery and Free Cycles with the support of our production team. New Neighbors Project - Bryan Bello, Director of New Neighbors Project and Adjunct in Film Studies.