UM Environmental Studies 50th Anniversary Changemaker Funds

Brainerd Conservation Fellowships

These fellowships will provide selected graduate students an opportunity to pursue a clearly-defined, professional internship during the summer between their first and second years. Faculty will select 1 to 2 students per year based on their demonstrated and potential leadership, and their commitment to social change. To ensure the best experience, faculty advisors will work with each intern to specify learning objectives and approve their final plan. All internships are at least two months long with at least 20+ hours per week. Selected students contribute to conservation/environmental initiatives during their learning process.

Environmental Justice and Diversity Scholarships

These scholarships will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within EVST, and will enhance effective cross-cultural engagement in environmental affairs. Scholarships will support graduate students from underrepresented social groups. Faculty will award 1 or 2 scholarships to graduate students annually to help recruit a more diverse cohort of students, thereby expanding opportunities for underrepresented groups and enriching everyone’s learning experience in EVST.

PEAS Farm Support Fund

These funds will be awarded to experienced graduate or upper-division undergraduate students who will assist the PEAS Farm Lecturer with teaching, mentoring, and ensuring that critical tasks are accomplished on the farm. The PEAS assistants provide essential support and leadership at the farm, creating a unique and valuable learning experience for the selected students. Two assistants are selected for each of the spring, summer, and fall semesters. The PEAS Farm Lecturer selects the assistants in consultation with other EVST faculty.

EVST Impact Fund

This fund will support the development of graduate or upper-division undergraduate students who are part of the next generation of environmental changemakers. Uses of the fund can include, but are not limited to, the following:  student training or professional development activities; annual leadership retreat for graduate students; conference attendance; and other special needs. The specific uses of the fund will be determined by the Director in consultation with other EVST faculty.

Vicki Watson Public Interest Environmental Science (PIES) Scholarship Fund

The PIES Scholarship Fund, created in honor of Vicki Watson’s 35 years of teaching, research and service in public interest environmental science, will support projects proposed by students in the EVST Program who use Public Interest Environmental Science to assist community groups addressing environmental problems.

Environmental Studies Writing Fund

Interest from this endowment supports graduate students and program activities within EVST’s Environmental Writing emphasis area. This includes supporting the student-editors of Camas Magazine, which cultivates a community of writers and artists dedicated to land health and cultural resilience in the West.