Environmental Education

Students choose from courses offered in environmental and science education. Initially, students may take Foundations in Environmental Education, an Environmental Education review course, and a field exploration course. Environmental Education curriculum development and methods courses are also offered, along with field-oriented science courses.

Courses Offered

3 credits

Offered autumn

Instructor: Fletcher Brown

This course provides students with an overview of a variety of effective curricula and models within Environmental Education, along with field trips and projects that will apply coursework to a real Environmental Education setting. Examples of projects completed in the past include developing an in-service workshop in environmental education for the Forestry Department involving ecosystem management, developing an educational trunk for the local Natural History Center, or the development of an interpretive trails and curriculum for K-12 student groups.

3 credits

Offered spring

Prerequisite: ENST 521 or C&I 521

Instructor: Fletcher Brown

This course is aimed at environmental educators who will be responsible for developing and assessing curriculum and programming in formal and non-formal EE settings. Through discussions, applied research, and presentations, students will build knowledge and skills in curriculum development and assessment. Projects will include a formative curriculum evaluation and an opportunity to develop a curriculum, material, or program for an organization or school.

1-3 credits

Instructor: Fletcher Brown

This course is designed to provide students with texts, discussion, and practice of various instructional strategies. Students will experience direct teaching in both the traditional and non-traditional classroom settings. Students will teach in groups of two with one student teaching while the other evaluates and/or videotapes the student. Each student will complete a minimum of three formal teaching experiences, complete a self-evaluation for each teaching experience, evaluate three other students teaching abilities, and present one of their teaching experiences to the class. In addition to teaching, students will be asked to complete two reviews of environmental education curriculum of their choosing.

Environmental Education Opportunities and Resources


Fletcher Brown Associate Professor

Office: 106 College of Education and Human Sciences
Email: fletcher.brown@mso.umt.edu
Field of Study:

Environmental Education, Field Botany and Science Education. Joint appointment with the School of Education and the Environmnetal Studies Program