Environmental Studies Graduate Opportunities

While fulfilling their program requirements as outlined above, students in the Environmental Studies Masters Degree Program may also pursue their particular study interests and related opportunities. For further information, contact the faculty member indicated.

Camas: The Nature of the West

Camas is an environmental journal with a national readership that is edited and published each semester by graduate students in Environmental Studies. Camas provides a forum for Environmental Studies graduate students and other emerging writers to publish alongside authors such as William Kittredge, David James Duncan, Janisse Ray, John Elder, & Ellen Meloy.

Faculty contact: Phil Condon

Transboundary Initiative

The Transboundary Initiative immerses students in the political, social, ecological, legal, and management cultures of both Canada and the U.S. Focusing on the trans-border ecosystem straddling the spine of the Rockies, students and faculty from Environmental Studies and the Environmental Design Program of the University of Calgary explore the possibilities for bioregionalism in an international context. Joint courses, including a field course each fall, student and faculty exchanges, and international internships in natural resource management, planning and environmental problem solving are all possibilities under the program.

Faculty contact: Len Broberg

Watershed Health Clinic

The Watershed Health Clinic matches UM students and staff with community groups that need technical assistance protecting their watersheds. Students assist citizen groups and governmental agencies with designing and executing watershed studies, monitoring and restoration plans; preparing grant proposals; conducting surveys; training volunteer monitors; developing educational materials and web pages. The Clinic's Stream Team has covered a lot of Montana territory in the past 8 years as they helped the Montana Department of Environmental Quality characterize Montana's streams. A few of the recent stream encounters are recorded on this youtube video.

Faculty contact: Vicki Watson

Renewable Energy Projects

Students can participate in periodic renewable energy projects, designing and constructing solar or wind energy systems for a variety of community uses.

Faculty Contact: Len Broberg


The UM FLAT is an experiential live-in resource (house) for UM students to demonstrate the practicality of sustainable living. In a time of rising energy costs, 'conservation of energy' is the most effective means of demonstrating appropriate development at UM and Missoula. By experimenting with and educating others about the social, ethical, and environmental benefits of appropriate technology, the UM FLAT will help to establish the University of Montana as a model for exhibiting efficient building practices. The ultimate goal of the UM FLAT is to encourage the development of efficient and affordable homes for a sustainable society. By retro-fitting an existing home the utility of the UM FLAT demonstration resources could be easily applied to the Missoula community.

Environmental Writing Institute

The Environmental Writing Institute is an annual residency writing workshop (now in its 16th year) sponsored by the Environmental Studies Program. Held in various locations near Missoula, the Institute brings environmental writers from across the country together with Environmental Studies students to work for several days in May under the direction of a nationally known writer. Past directors include Peter Matthiessen, Wendell Berry, Terry Tempest Williams, and Gretel Erhlich.

Faculty contact: Phil Condon

Natural Resources Conflict Resolution Program

The University of Montana offers a unique program allowing certification in natural resources conflict resolution. After completing a set of courses and a supervised conflict resolution experience, a student is certified in the field. This program is aimed at students desiring to work as facilitators of collaborative processes.

All questions about the program should be directed to Matthew McKinney, Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, University of Montana, 516 N. Park Ave., Helena, MT 59601,406-457-8475 matt@cnrep.org.

International Opportunities

Environmental Studies has formed a partnership with IE3 Global Internships to help students access internship opportunities around the world.

Contact: Kevin Hood, UM Internship Coordinator, (406) 243-4613 or kevin.hood@mso.umt.edu.