Anna Wearn, MS 2020

anna wearn

Protecting & Restoring Ecosystems at the Landscape Scale


Anna grew up in Portland, Oregon. She moved from Missoula to Bozeman a month ago to take a job at the Center for Large Landscape Conservation.

Present Title:

Conservation Policy Analyst for the Center for Large Landscape Conservation.

Her Passion:

“I am passionate about protecting and restoring ecosystems at the landscape scale, for the benefit of both human and ecological communities. At EVST, I got to pursue my particular interest in wildlife conservation on public lands,” says Anna. “I enjoy working at the intersection between environmental science, policy and law. That’s why Professor Len Broberg’s work on the legal, policy, and science dimensions of wildlife and wildlands stewardship drew me to the program.”


Anna was a 2019 Wyss Foundation Scholar. This graduate scholarship is awarded to emerging leaders in western land conservation. Anna says, “It was a great opportunity!” The scholarship allowed her to intern for the U.S. House of Representatives, where she advanced public lands legislation for the Committee on Natural Resources. “Learning how to navigate the federal policymaking process and politics on Capitol Hill was an incredibly valuable experience,” says Anna. She was also a research associate for the Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy, authoring a report commissioned by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and a Conservation Connect Fellow at the National Forest Foundation, where she co-facilitated numerous collaborative conservation processes. She also earned a graduate certificate in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution.

What others are saying:

"Anna is a fearless, passionate and committed conservationist. This was never more evident than when she waded into the byzantine world of USFS rules, guidelines, directives and NEPA records for her final project for conservation groups looking for biodiversity mandates. Through it all she kept her eyes on the prize, with a strong sense of humor (and irony) intact. Anna was a joy to work with, focused, committed and ready to share the humor in life. She has a bright future ahead of her and I am thrilled she has quickly found her place in the movement," says Professor Len Broberg.

What Anna says about EVST:

“I loved the program because it is very applied,” says Anna. “What distinguishes EVST are the opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to work on projects that allow you to you create change on the ground. The professors are embedded in the community, working to address real world environmental challenges and training students to do the same. All my work in EVST was for a ‘client’ producing a useful deliverable for them and advancing the causes I am passionate about. The academic and professional experiences I was able to take advantage of during graduate school prepared me exceptionally well for my current job, which I find tremendously fulfilling.”