Aubrey Pongluelert

aubrey pongluelert

EVST Student and FLAT mate


Aubrey grew up in the Central Valley of California, the heart of large, corporate agriculture—but only 45 minutes away from Yosemite. She is currently living at the UM FLAT in Missoula, Montana.

Her Focus:

Sustainable Food and Farming

Her Passion:

"For the environmental field to make an impact," says Aubrey, "environmental communication must do a better job at relating and appealing to people on a human scale. Storytelling and other forms of creative language, such as music and art, not only offer a means of emotionally connecting people to environmental concerns, they also hold a wealth of traditional knowledge that is invaluable in understanding our relationship with the earth. I am passionate about making more space within the environmental field for these stories and languages—many of which are told and expressed by those who have been historically marginalized and oppressed. Today, these people are often amongst those most impacted by environmental issues, and their voices are the ones I am passionate about hearing and sharing."


Aubrey was awarded a Brainerd Fellowship in the summer of 2018 which supported her work researching refugee community farming programs. "I was able to collaborate with, and begin developing a relationship between Garden City Harvest and Missoula's International Rescue Committee to support local refugees with interests in farming and gardening."

What others are saying:

“Aubrey came to us straight out of Oberlin, and brought with her expansive interests and talents. As a FLAT mate (Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology), she provides the UM FLAT with design and graphics expertise, she works on programming with local refugee assistance organizations and relentlessly makes art. She often blends these areas with a passion for food production and education," writes Josh Slotnick, Missoula County Commissioner and former EVST faculty.

What Aubrey says about EVST:

"This program has helped me recognize the importance and power of community within the environmental field. This EVST community has supported and embraced my interdisciplinary interests, inspiring me to pursue projects I might have not been prepared to do on my own.”