Brook Artziniega, MS Expected 2019

brook artziniega

Telling Stories that Change the World


Brook grew up both on the coasts of New England and California. While both places feel like home to her, she doesn't have any plans to leave Montana anytime soon. "I love it here," she says, "I plan to move to Bozeman when I graduate."

Present Title:

Brook was recently recruited to join the team at VisionHawk, a documentary production company based in Bozeman, Montana where she works as their Lead Storyteller/ Researcher. She still occasionally works as creative strategist and copywriter for other clients when she has time or a real passion project pops up.

Her Passion:

"My two great loves are nonhuman animals and good stories," says Brook, "whether they take the form of a film, a country song, a painting, whatever. I believe in the power of good storytelling." Brook is passionate about wildlife filmmaking because it brings the two together. "I get to tell stories in the service of the creatures I love. I am also currently working at the intersection of critical animal studies and grief work, something I am also very passionate about, especially at this historical moment."


"I am most proud of my work in wildlife medicine, having some of my writing published and being chosen as a 2018-19 Brainerd Conservation Fellow," says Brook. "That was a huge honor!"

What Others Are Saying:

"Brook knows that telling a good story can change the world," writes Professor Dan Spencer. "As a Brainerd Conservation Fellow she is combining her considerable talents as a writer with a deep compassion for animals and wildlife conservation to tell stories through wildlife documentaries that teach us how to share the planet with our nonhuman companions."

What Brook Says About EVST:

“I can’t say enough good things about the program," says Brook. "I have felt so supported here, both in the program and at UM in general. Whenever I have an idea (even a crazy one), someone is there offering to help me make it happen: putting the right book in my hand, suggesting a place to start, or offering to introduce me to someone I should talk to. This past year was an excellent introduction to the breadth of environmental work and issues out there to tackle, but it was also a great education in not being able to (or needing to) try to do everything. I feel ready to spend this upcoming year digging into the areas that are the best fit for me and I am grateful to have such incredible support along the way."