Garrett McAllister, MS Expected Spring 2018

garrett mcallister

Land Use Planner


Born in Kotzebue, Alaska, Garrett spent his childhood in Tucson, Arizona, went to high school and college in Iowa, then moved back west.  "Tucson will always be home to me, but my wider 'home range' is the four corners area, "says Garrett.

Present Title:

Currently a Land Use Planner in the City of The Dalles, Oregon, Garrett just accepted a position as a Long Range Planner with the Broward County Planning Council in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His Passion:

Garrett says, “Professionally, my passion is the intersection of social justice, environmental health, and sustainable transportation. Personally, I love a good long bike ride, a hoppy beer, a perfectly made taco, and some new music, in that order.”


“One of my proudest accomplishments while at UM is the Transportation Mode Share White Paper I prepared for the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization," says Garrett. The paper was published as an appendix to the 2016 Long Range Transportation Plan and was work Garrett accomplished with his Brainerd Scholarship. During his tenure in EVST, Garrett also received a Teaching Assistantship and a Wiancko Scholarship.

What others are saying:

“Like so many of our students, Garrett has walked (and biked) his talk! Says Professor Robin Saha. “He brought his passion for active transportation and social justice to EVST, gained valuable knowledge and skills, and is now working as planner advocating from within government for equitable and sustainable transportation systems. It’s heartening to see Garrett making his vision happen.”

What Garrett says about EVST:

“I chose EVST because of the unique track of environmental justice” says Garrett. “I knew that I wanted to study the environmental and social impacts of transportation infrastructure and how sustainable transportation could mitigate these impacts. What I learned and experienced in the program went well beyond my expectations and prepared me for a professional career in long range transportation planning.”