Peter Gurche on Finding the "Radical Center!"

Peter Gurche


Spokane, Washington

Present Title:

Associate at the Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy at the University of Montana and Coordinator of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent.


Peter earned a Brainerd Fellowship to work with Professor Len Broberg on the Crown of the Continent Roundtable that lead to his current position as the coordinator of the roundtable. As the only paid employee, he reports to the leadership of this multi-stakeholder landscape collaborative. He works to convene, connect, and facilitate collaboration among the many interests at work in the Crown. His past work in the region includes an assessment of wildlife connectivity with the Crown Managers Partnership, and facilitation of US Highway 2 connectivity planning. He has a deep interest in mediation and peacemaking and finding the “radical center.” In addition to his M.S. in Environmental Studies, Peter also earned a certificate in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution from the University of Montana. Peter believes our work in the exterior world has to be complemented with internal work. Peter was also senior co-editor of Camas, the biannual EVST student-run literary magazine. His essays have appeared in Camas and Fugue Journal.

What Others are Saying:

"Peter fearlessly took on new challenges while an EVST student and grew with each one. He is quickly becoming one of the many EVST alums that make me proud of the program’s legacy of outstanding human capital. I expect he will be a conservation leader for years to come.” says Len Broberg, Professor in Environmental Studies.

What Peter Says about EVST:

After completing his undergraduate degree, and what he calls a “strong resistance to book learning,” Peter went to Alaska to work with his hands as a seasonal commercial fisherman, carpenter, and mechanic. With a passion for public lands and the west as well as an understanding that graduate school could be more tailored, Peter was attracted to the interdisciplinary nature of EVST. “I’ve met the most amazing people through EVST,” says Peter “and without these connections and EVST, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.” Peter especially appreciates the emphasis on community amongst faculty, students and alumni.