Maggie Gammons, BS Expected 2021

Maggie Gammons

Turning Backyards into Food Gardens!



Having grown up in Butte, Montana to a “very scientific family,” Maggie now lives in Missoula in the UM FLAT which she loves. The Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology, is an intentional, living-learning community dedicated to everyday sustainability.


Maggie is currently working on a double major—environmental studies and biology. Her environmental studies focus is on sustainable food systems and agriculture, and her biology focus is on plant science, botany and native plant restoration.

Her Passion:

I’m passionate about helping people change their attitude to their surroundings. So many people living in urban settings don’t really see nature around them,” says Maggie. She wants to help them turn their backyards into a place to grow food, to really do something on “their little pocket of land in the world.”


This year I have been serving as the co-president of 1000 New Gardens,” says Maggie. The group helps plant food gardens in the Missoula community and has planted over 330 gardens in ten years. “This past semester we also offered workshops on cider pressing, growing mushrooms, and zero waste. And we’ve recruited lots of volunteers and helped with two big dig days.”

What others are saying:

"A native Montanan who grew up in Butte, Maggie has expanded her concern for environmental issues in Montana to the globe, from studying climate change issues in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam to sustainable living in urban environments through living at the UM Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology."

What Maggie says about EVST:

“EVST has provided me with great internships and classes abroad. Mentorship from EVST faculty and advisors has been invaluable,” says Maggie. “Without the encouragement and opportunities EVST has offered, I wouldn’t have realized my passion.”