Professor Neva Hassanein Receives the Excellence in Public Service Award from AFHVS

dr. marcy ostrom presents neva with her award.

Congratulations to Professor Neva Hassanein for receiving the Excellence in Public Service Award from the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS) this summer. The award honors “AFHVS members who have made academic or non-academic contributions that have had significant public service impact on the advancement of agriculture, food, and human values through their work in universities, colleges, government, non-government organizations, or consultancies."

Dr. Douglas Constance, Professor of Sociology at Sam Houston State University, one of the people who nominated Neva, described her as a “national leader in sustainable agrifood systems, someone who exemplifies the ideal of the public scholar.”

“Students trained and mentored by Hassanein have become a presence throughout the country, making thoughtful intellectual contributions to national food and farming conferences and professional society meetings, as well as moving on to assume important leadership roles at universities, non-profits, and in the public sector,” says Dr. Marcia Ostrom, Associate Professor, School of the Environment, College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resources Sciences at Washington State University.

Dr. Ostrom noted in her nomination other distinguished honors Neva has received including, but not limited to, the Cox Award, the University of Montana’s highest teaching honor and UW-Madison Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies Distinguished Alumni Award.