Peter McDonough, MS 2016

peter mcdonough

Passionate About Teaching at the Intersection of Issues like Climate Change & Racial Justice


Peter grew up in Wisconsin and Michigan but now lives in Missoula.

Present Title:

Climate Change Studies Program Coordinator, Davidson Honors College, University of Montana.

His Passion:

“I came to EVST to fill in the gaps my degree in engineering left, which had a very narrow perspective on environmental issues,” says Peter. (He holds a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford). Peter wanted to become more conversant generally, “I am passionate about teaching at the intersection of issues that are typically siloed, and often polarized, such as climate change and racial justice.”


Peter says “I am most proud of the things my students have done in and out of class. To watch them become well-informed, able to do something tangible and to have power in a certain issue! I love seeing my students succeed—seeing that I have contributed to that.” Peter has worked primarily in climate change education, introducing a climate and energy class to Stanford’s summer institutes and developing similar courses at UM within Environmental Studies, Climate Change Studies, and the Global Leadership Initiative.

What Others Are Saying:

"Peter has been my mentor since I took his Energy and Climate class during my freshman year. He has allowed me to co-instruct an experimental course alongside him that I helped to design, Climate Solutions. Peter empowers students to take control of their education and push the boundaries of what an interdisciplinary climate studies program can mean to students and the community," says Mason Dow, UM Honors Graduate 2020 - Business Management, International Business, Climate Change Studies, Franke Global Leadership Initiative.

What Peter Says About EVST:

"The program did exactly what I was hoping it would,” says Peter. “It turned me from a specialist into a generalist. You can really make the program what you want it to be. It introduced me to a lot of new issues like ecology, environmental justice, law and broadened my field. It connected all the things I was seeing in the world.”