UM Alum Celebrates Recently Published Book

William Homestead

UM Environmental Studies alumni, William Homestead, celebrates his recently published book: An Ecology of Communication: Response and Responsibility in an Age of Ecocrisis. The book is a result of three decades of reflection and evolved from his master’s thesis. Geared towards students and scholars, Homestead makes the case that we need to rethink our inclination to separate ourselves from and to control nature and instead acknowledge that humans are “part and parcel” of the natural world. Nature speaks and we need to listen. 

While working as an adjunct professor at Purdue, Homestead found himself contemplating an advanced degree. A self-described independent learner, he was not sure if graduate school would be a good fit. After researching different programs, the only one that resonated with him was UM's Environmental Studies (EVST). “EVST fit me perfectly,” he says. He explored writing, philosophy, religion, and rhetoric in classes taught by Hank Harrington, Deborah Slicer, Dan Spencer, and Steve Schwarze. A non-traditional student at age thirty-nine, he was embraced by his twenty-something fellow students and fell in love with Missoula. After graduating from EVST in 2002, he later returned to UM for a master's in Communication Studies and later received an MFA in creative non-fiction writing from Goddard College. 

For the past fifteen years, William has lived in the woods of Vermont, surrounded by sounds and smells reminiscent of his childhood summers in the Adirondacks. He is an Associate Professor in Communication Studies at New England College where he encourages his students to understand themselves within the broad context of ecological and social relationships.