Friends of Irish Studies Membership

Ballraíocht – Membership

Membership with the Friends of Irish Studies in the West is open to all who share our love of Irish culture. Membership dues are used to promote and advance our mission. There are a number of membership levels at which you can join.

Culture is a very precious but fragile thing. We Irish know that better than anybody. We have fought for cultural survival for over 800 years, and we continue to do so today. To prevail in this battle we need people to join us in the struggle. It is a community that preserves a culture and the greater that community is the stronger the culture becomes. To ensure that our heritage and identity is passed on to the next generation, we need you to become part of our community. You have much to give, much more than you may believe. Please consider joining the Friends of Irish Studies. I would also ask you to invite family and friends to become part of our organization. 

Go raibh mile maith agaibh uile.

Friends of Irish Studies Members

After you become a member of Friends of Irish Studies we will send to you, via mail (based on your level), your membership card, lapel pin(s) and bumper sticker(s).  Along with that, you will immediately recieve a 10% discount on all FISW events!

If you do not recieve your mailed items within two weeks of becoming a member, please contact us at , or via phone at: (406) 243-2928. 

Membership Year

Membership runs from the date you first purchase a Friends of Irish Studies membership.  Membership renewal month will be the month you first became a member.

Membership Levels

Individual Shamrock

The Shamrock membership allows everyone to participate.
Membership inlcudes:

  • FISW membership card
  • Lapel pin
  • Bumper sticker
  • 10% off all FISW events

irish shamrock Cost: $20

Family Claddagh

The Claddagh family membership includes everyone in the immediate family.
Membership includes:

  • FISW membership card
  • 2 lapel pins
  • 2 bumper stickers
  • 10% off FISW events (for each family member)

claddagh Cost: $40

Student Shillelagh

The Student membership is for students with a current school ID card.

Membership includes:

  • Bumper sticker
  • Discount off all FISW events

shillelaghCost: $5