The Fledgling Department (1956-1965)

Dean Robert Turner, founder (1956)
Vincent Shaudys, first geographer, first chair (1956-1962)
Morgan Thomas (1957-1959)
Jacquelyn Beyer, first cartographer (1957-1958)
Chester Beaty, second chair (1958-1969)
Ronald Buchanan, first visiting professor (1958-1959)
Axel Hansen, visiting instructor (1959-1964)
Southard Modry, visiting instructor (1962-1963)
Chris Field, third chair, second retirement (1963-1989)
Paul Alexander, visiting instructor (1964-1969)

Years of Rapid Growth (1965-1972)

Dean Robert Coonrod, first departmental review (1965)
James Nasuti, visiting instructor (1965-1967)
Simon Evans, visiting lecturer (1966-1967)
Dean Richard Solberg, visiting instructor (1969)
James McCloy, visiting instructor (1968-1972)
Joseph Sullivan, visiting instructor (1968-1969)
Paul Wilson, seventh and ninth chair, seventh retirement (1968-2010)
Evan Denney, sixth chair, fifth retirement (1969-2000)
Larry Anderson, instructor (1969-1971)
John Crowley, fourth chair, third retirement (1970-1995)
Thomas Foggin, visiting instructor (1970-1972)
Michael L. Loughman, instructor
Harold Bockemuehl, fifth chair, first retirement (1971-1988)

The Maturing Department (1972-1992)

Darshan Kang, eighth chair, fourth retirement (1972-1997)
Colin Thorn (1973-1975)
Charles F. Gritzner, visiting associate professor (1973-1974)
John Donahue, sixth retirement (1976-2002)
Hal Gillman, visiting instructor (1978-1979)
Dean Howard Reinhardt (1980)
Dean James Flightner (1983)
Jamil Brownson (1988-1992)

Changing Guard (1992-2012)

Jeffrey Gritzner, research professor 1989, tenure-line 1995, tenth chair (1989-2015)
Christiane von Reichert, twelfth chair (1992-present)
Peter Anderson, visiting professor (1995-1997)
Steven Holloway (1992-2001)
Eric Edlund (1997-2005)
Sarah Halvorson, eleventh chair (2000-present)
Carlos Baied, visiting professor (2001-2006)
Anna Klene (2003-present)
Ardeshir Kia (2004-2007)
Mehrdad Kia (2004-2007)
David Shively, thirteenth chair (2004-present)
Udo Fluck (2005-2011)
Ulrich Kamp (2005-present)
Thomas Sullivan, visiting professor (2010-2016)

Specialization (2012-present)

Kevin McManigal (2012-present)
T.H. Diep Dao (2013-2017)

A History of Space and Facilities

The Temporary Office Building (1956-1962)
Ground floor of the east wing of the Liberal Arts Building (1962-1983)
Second floor of the Social Science Building (1983-2008)
Second & third floors of the Stone Hall Building (2008-present)