The Crown of the Continent and Greater Yellowstone Initiative is designed to provide useful information to anyone who is interested in the Crown region in general. But our mission is especially focused on gathering and reporting about the extensive and diverse research and educational activities that take place related to the Crown. The Website, along with our Crown of the Continent E-Magazine, serves to disseminate relevant information of various kinds and both elicit and inspire new exploration, news, research projects and results, new teaching and learning opportunities, as well as new photography, stories, and art works.

The Montana Geographic Alliance is a network of K-12 teachers and administrators, state education policymakers, college and university faculty, and non-profit and private sector partners dedicated to improving students' geographic skills, understandings, and career preparation across disciplines. Although the rich geography of Montana is the primary focus of MGA activities, we also strive to provide members with a global perspective of current issues in geographic science.

This is MontanaMany courses taught on campus highlight all that is Montana, from the grandeur of the Montana prairie to the science that explains our wildlife and economy. Research carried out throughout our state and region is uncovering fascinating information that enriches our lives and influences our state and its development. This wealth of wisdom belongs to all of us  people like you and me  people in this great state who make this university possible. Through this online resource created by students, faculty and partners, we’ll bring you stories of the Montana landscape, its colorful human occupants  past and present, its legendary wildlife and newfindings gathered from exciting research carried out on campus and in the field. Instead of settling for textbook accounts of distant places, the places we live can serve as wonderful, meaningful sources for inspiration, education, and life-long learning, and also a springboard for understanding our global community. This is Montana should be used by Montana educators as a resource for partnerships and information pertaining to the local community and environment as a starting point to teach concepts in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and other subjects across the curriculum. This place-based learning can help students develop stronger ties to their community, enhance student appreciation for the natural world, and create a heightened commitment for serving as contributing citizens of Montana.