Graduate Students

MA & MS in Geography

Scott Ankney

Scott Ankney (Advisor: Shively)

Mary French

Mary French (Advisor: von Reichert)

Annalisa Ingegno

Annalisa Ingegno (Advisor: Klene)

Ashley Juric

Ashley Juric (Advisor: Halvorson)

Chelsea Karthauser

Chelsea Karthauser (Advisor: Shively)

Nicholas Kline

Nicholas Kline (Advisor: Dao)

Craig Koller

Craig Koller (Advisor: Shively)

Rebecca Kranitz

Rebecca Kranitz (Advisor: Halvorson)

Lauren Mackey

Lauren Mackey (Advisor: Halvorson)

Katherine Shank

Katherine Shank (Advisor: Kamp)

Sarah Smolka

Sarah Smolka (Advisor: Dao)

Shane Thurlo

Shane Thurlo (Advisor: Kamp)

Nathanael Wold

Nathanael Wold (Advisor: Dao)

M.I.S in Interdisciplinary Studies

Stanley Wilson

Stanley Wilson (Advisor: Gritzner)

M.S. in Systems Ecology

Rachel Powers

Rachel Powers (Advisor: Kamp)

Ph.D. in Systems Ecology

Shah Khan

Shah Khan (Advisor: Kamp)

Caleb Pan

Caleb Pan PhD candidate, Forest & Conservation Services

Office: Stone Hall, 213


Mountain Geography, Environmental Change, Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice, Alpine Hydrology, Central Asia, and South American Andes.