Geospatial Labs

Geography's Geospatial Research and Teaching (GReaT) Laboratories opened for use in fall 2008. The GReaT Labs are comprised of a 24-seat teaching classroom (oldJ218) and a 15-seat student-use lab (oldJ219). An comprehensive selection of GIS software is available, including ArcGIS, ENVI, Erdas, Idrisi, PCIGeomatica, TransCAD, Feature Analyst, LiDAR Analyst, MapViewer, Surfer, Grapher, Trimble products, etc. Please see a faculty member for information on what packages are available in which lab. Additional resources such as servers and printers are also available within the labs.

In addition to the GReaT Labs, Geography still participates in the Social Science Research Laboratory (SSRL) in the Social Science Building and some courses are conducted using their facilities which include GIS Software and other resources.

We also participate in the "Spatial" Mapserver (a collaborative project of UM's Geoscience and Geography Departments).

Public Policy Research Institute, Director, Matt McKinney

MontanaView is a consortium of Universities, federal, state, and local agencies and groups that tries to encourage all Montanans to learn about and use satellite imagery. It is part of the national AmericaView effort. The Department of Geography serves as The University of Montana's representative to MontanaView. Please browse the website to see the resources this group helps makes available to the State.